Digital Work Time vs Digital Play Time

iPads are the enemy. That’s what some parents believe. Bringing a 1-to-1 iPad program into the elementary school is out of the question. Looking at their family structure where some adult members are glued to their iPads or smart phones, playing games have led them to think that they’ve had enough. iPads or smart phones… Continue reading Digital Work Time vs Digital Play Time

Going Beyond an… Onion? Part 2

This post is the second part to this post. Through my COETAIL course, I was introduced to the SAMR and TPACK frameworks of Technology Integration. SAMR SAMR is a framework developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura which looks at the use of technology on a spectrum of enhancement to transformation. This aligned most closely to my… Continue reading Going Beyond an… Onion? Part 2

Going Beyond an… Onion?

I’ve had a binary view of Technology introduction. I was introduced to this way of thinking through the Ed Techs at The School at Columbia University. (@fpgina, @KarenBlumberg, and @DylanMRyder). When we discussed how teachers integrated technology, we talked about 2 ideas: Layering and Meaningful / Purposeful Integration. Layering I came to understand layering as… Continue reading Going Beyond an… Onion?


Premise: Incorporate Presentation Zen ideas into a Presentation Makeover Recipient: This is the presentation that Tabitha Johnson (@tabletj) and I gave at Seoul International School’s Mini-EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools)  We were selected to submit this presentation to the EARCOS Teachers’ Conference for consideration and were lucky enough to be accepted. As Tabitha… Continue reading preZENtation

Nope, Never Considered It: Thoughts on Infographics

I love looking at infographics. I think the use of images, color to display information is art. It’s often aesthetically pleasing to me and my first reactions upon encountering one is, “Cool!” Like this one, aside from good information, I like how it looks. I love reading infographics. I love studying them in magazines, and… Continue reading Nope, Never Considered It: Thoughts on Infographics