Premise: Incorporate Presentation Zen ideas into a Presentation Makeover Recipient: This is the presentation that Tabitha Johnson (@tabletj) and I gave at Seoul International School’s Mini-EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools)  We were selected to submit this presentation to the EARCOS Teachers’ Conference for consideration and were lucky enough to be accepted. As Tabitha… Continue reading preZENtation


Nope, Never Considered It: Thoughts on Infographics

I love looking at infographics. I think the use of images, color to display information is art. It’s often aesthetically pleasing to me and my first reactions upon encountering one is, “Cool!” Like this one, aside from good information, I like how it looks. I love reading infographics. I love studying them in magazines, and… Continue reading Nope, Never Considered It: Thoughts on Infographics

Digital Storytelling to Creating Tutorials

process 1. Storytelling Reading about Digital Story Telling made me think about how I initially started getting students to create videos in my class. In my previous school (in 1st grade), we started the year with an oral story telling unit so that the students could get used to telling stories. The students would record… Continue reading Digital Storytelling to Creating Tutorials

Visual, Media, Litearcy: Wha?

Define As I read various articles and websites about Visual Literacy and Media Literacy, I realized that I often use the two terms quite interchangeably. So my first quest went to finding definitions for these two terms with the aim to distinguish between the two. I found many definitions, but here’s what I found: Visual… Continue reading Visual, Media, Litearcy: Wha?