Year 5 STEAM Day!

Thank you Wendy Liao for putting this video together! This year, I had the opportunity to try something I had never done before. I had a chance to lead out on organizing a full maker day for an entire year level. Working with my partner, Jane Wong (@MsJanePYP), the two Art Teachers, Jonathan Winstanley (@mrwinstanleyart)… Continue reading Year 5 STEAM Day!


21st Century Citizen: Final Project

This was my first time creating a video that had so many different moving parts. Sure, I’ve mashed together movies together, so that they would play in sequence with a quick title slide, but this was a completely different animal. To start, after deciding on what my project was going to be, I began thinking about… Continue reading 21st Century Citizen: Final Project

Introvert to (Digital) Extrovert… Developing

I hate attention. I tend to be shy and am crazy awkward when I have to interact with new people. People who have just met me would probably say, “Akio… who?” This state of mind was true for me when I first started COETAIL. Hearing about how I should increase my online presence for my professional… Continue reading Introvert to (Digital) Extrovert… Developing