Going Beyond an… Onion? Part 2

This post is the second part to this post. Through my COETAIL course, I was introduced to the SAMR and TPACK frameworks of Technology Integration. SAMR SAMR is a framework developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura which looks at the use of technology on a spectrum of enhancement to transformation. This aligned most closely to my… Continue reading Going Beyond an… Onion? Part 2


Going Beyond an… Onion?

I’ve had a binary view of Technology introduction. I was introduced to this way of thinking through the Ed Techs at The School at Columbia University. (@fpgina, @KarenBlumberg, and @DylanMRyder). When we discussed how teachers integrated technology, we talked about 2 ideas: Layering and Meaningful / Purposeful Integration. Layering I came to understand layering as… Continue reading Going Beyond an… Onion?

My Mess of a Mind… Organized #RHODIA

Some people are blessed with a mind that can think things through in a linear fashion.  Whether that’s through outlining or creating tables, I’ve seen different ways people organize their thoughts.  Unfortunately (fortunately?), my thought process is a lot messier. My mind wanders from one idea to the next, and the connections aren’t necessarily clear… Continue reading My Mess of a Mind… Organized #RHODIA