Going Beyond an… Onion? Part 2

This post is the second part to this post.

Through my COETAIL course, I was introduced to the SAMR and TPACK frameworks of Technology Integration.


Some Rights Reserved by Maggie Hos-McGrane

SAMR is a framework developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura which looks at the use of technology on a spectrum of enhancement to transformation. This aligned most closely to my previous understanding of technology integration in that the idea of “Layering” falls somewhere in “Enhancement” are and “Meaningful / Purposeful Integration” fits into “Transformation.”


Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org
Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org

In comparison to the SAMR model that looks at how technology is used in teaching, the TPACK model looks at the teachers’ knowledge in three areas (pedagogy, content, and technology) so that they can successfully use technology in their teaching.


Looking at these two frameworks made me reconsider my definition and understanding of what successful technology integration should look like or strive to be. These two frameworks should be looked at in conjunction with one another to be used to its full potential.

Some Rights Reserved by Universal Pops
Some Rights Reserved by Universal Pops

Some ideas and questions that I need to continuously pose to myself based on these two frameworks:


  • Why am I using the particular tech here?
  • Is the tech necessary for this learning experience?
  • Would the students’ engagement look similar without the tech?
  • Striving to hit Transformation with all that I do is probably unrealistic. Baby Steps.
  • Enhancement is a necessity at times.


  • What areas do I need further growth in?
  • Do I have the knowledge necessary in a particular area to teach it?
    • If not, do I have the means to get it?
    • Can it be learned with the students?
  • How are my understandings all coming together to make me a more successful teacher?

Seems like I need to go beyond “Am I layering or not?”



2 thoughts on “Going Beyond an… Onion? Part 2

  1. Nice! Appreciate the connection between your previous experience and your new learning through COETAIL. Hopefully these frameworks will provide you lots of resources and ideas for how to move beyond the layering concept!

  2. So nice to hear about your previous learning here, Akio! I knew that there were probably other constructs out there, likely created prior to or about the same time as SAMR and TPACK. However, I had not yet seen them until your post.

    I actually like the simplicity of the 2 constructs that you were previously taught. While I truly appreciate the academic depth of our new frameworks, especially the interconnectedness involved in TPACK, they both can be a bit overwhelming if you are trying to use them say in curriculum designing or writing new lesson plans.

    I think that there may be something to keeping things simple and focused, i.e. layering and meaningful integration, for these creative moments. At the same time, we should utilize the depth of SAMR and TPACK when reviewing, critiquing, reworking already existing curriculum or lesson plans.

    The big question is how do we get to a point where it becomes second nature: fully embedded tech in the environment created by our teaching practice. Thoughts anyone?

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