Make Your Mark, Digitally

After International Dot Day, we started talking about the idea of a digital citizen. I first started by recording what they thought a digital citizen was, and then, did a class brainstorm, breaking down the words. What is digital? What is a citizen? The Class Constitution we created this year, using the word, citizen (read… Continue reading Make Your Mark, Digitally

The Dot: Goal Setting

In the beginning of the year, I used to create goals with my students and called it “Hopes and Dreams” based on the Responsive Classroom program. Then, back in 2013, Harry Banks (@kinderbanks) introduced the book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds to me. Immediately after talking about this book with Tabitha (@tabletj), told us about International… Continue reading The Dot: Goal Setting

Sidenote: The Plan

In thinking about this final project, I also had to include additional thoughts that’s not necessarily part of the “action.” Most of the background and the thinking behind what I’m doing will be included in the Sidenotes of this series. The main posts will be about the “action” that’s happening in the classroom. Standards First, as… Continue reading Sidenote: The Plan