Make Your Mark, Digitally

After International Dot Day, we started talking about the idea of a digital citizen. I first started by recording what they thought a digital citizen was, and then, did a class brainstorm, breaking down the words. What is digital? What is a citizen?

The Class Constitution we created this year, using the word, citizen (read The Plant), really helped us move the discussion along. From this discussion, we created this poster:


They got the idea that a digital citizen is a person who is interacting with anything in the digital world. So, we connected this idea of how we make our mark in real life (like we had already planned during our goal setting) to the idea that people can make their mark in the digital world: the mark that we leave is our digital footprint.

The students then thought about how they can leave a positive mark in the digital world, leading to a discussion of how we can leave digital footprints purposefully as well as information is collected about us whenever we are on the internet without us being fully aware. So we talked about the digital footprints we leave on purpose and not on purpose – creating this poster.

20141023_151324Using the acronym, T.H.I.N.K., which I write about in this post, we talked about how we can make the mark we leave on purpose, positive.


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