The Plan: Sweet Spot

I struggle with the idea of Digital Citizenship. In a rapidly changing world, the idea of Digital Citizenship seems to be getting more complicated by the minute. That makes me think about how I can prepare elementary students to think about this concept.

So, I decided to break down the elements of Digital Citizenship as I understand it. Here are some of the key elements I think are important for elementary students to know (with the big ideas):

  • Leaving behind a positive digital footprint (Digital Footprint)
  • Interacting with others online in a mindful and positive way (Communication / Online Community)
  • Paying attention to Copyright (Fair Use / Copyright)
  • Taking care of technology (Maintenance / Safety)
  • Navigating information on the Internet (Digital Literacy)

After looking at these ideas, I noticed strong connections between the community building experiences that I start off the year with. Much of my work in building a learning community in my classroom is adapted from the Responsive Classroom framework. If I am able to fuse together ideas of digital citizenship and community building from Responsive Classroom explicitly, it would be like hitting the sweet spot of both areas!


Sweet Spot! Adapted: Some Right Reserved by VOXSPORTS VOXER
Sweet Spot!
Remixed: Some Right Reserved by VOXSPORTS VOXER


More specific details on standards and other considerations can be read on Sidenote: The Plan.


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