Visual, Media, Literacy: Wha? II

*This was all going to be one post, but I didn’t think it would show how I’m starting to think about my blog post, so “Visual, Media, Literacy: Wha?” became 2 posts. Thank you for enduring the mess of my mind. –> Click here for “Visual, Media, Litearcy: Wha?” part 1. recap Great, so now… Continue reading Visual, Media, Literacy: Wha? II


Visual, Media, Litearcy: Wha?

Define As I read various articles and websites about Visual Literacy and Media Literacy, I realized that I often use the two terms quite interchangeably. So my first quest went to finding definitions for these two terms with the aim to distinguish between the two. I found many definitions, but here’s what I found: Visual… Continue reading Visual, Media, Litearcy: Wha?