Reflections Y1 @CIS Part 3

My second goal of the year was: How can I further empower students so that they can take more ownership of their learning? As I have written before, I had a hard time with this one, not only because my goal for the year was just to observe, but I also had to ask myself what… Continue reading Reflections Y1 @CIS Part 3


21st Century Citizen: Final Project

This was my first time creating a video that had so many different moving parts. Sure, I’ve mashed together movies together, so that they would play in sequence with a quick title slide, but this was a completely different animal. To start, after deciding on what my project was going to be, I began thinking about… Continue reading 21st Century Citizen: Final Project

Introvert to (Digital) Extrovert… Developing

I hate attention. I tend to be shy and am crazy awkward when I have to interact with new people. People who have just met me would probably say, “Akio… who?” This state of mind was true for me when I first started COETAIL. Hearing about how I should increase my online presence for my professional… Continue reading Introvert to (Digital) Extrovert… Developing

Make Your Mark, Digitally

After International Dot Day, we started talking about the idea of a digital citizen. I first started by recording what they thought a digital citizen was, and then, did a class brainstorm, breaking down the words. What is digital? What is a citizen? The Class Constitution we created this year, using the word, citizen (read… Continue reading Make Your Mark, Digitally