Sidenote: Do What’s Right! (with Copyright)

I quickly wanted to share a few SUPER helpful resources that I got from “Everything is a Remix: Learning 2.0 Edition” presented by Rebekah Madrid (@ndbekah).

1. Flickr CC Attribution Helper

If you’re using Google Chrome and you use Flickr to find Creative Commons licensed images, you should get this. It’s developed by Alan Levine (@cogdog) and it basically gives you a what you need to copy and paste to give credit to the creator of an image you use.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 9.19.13 PM


2. Everything is a Remix Videos

A four part video series created by Kirby Ferguson. I’m not sure when this came out, but part 1 was released on or before 2011 (why can’t I find this information?) You can watch all the parts on his site (, but I’ll also post Part 1 here.




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