Sidenote: Letting Go

While (and after) writing the post, Letting go, I thought more and more about privacy. My privacy, my students’ privacy, everyone’s privacy… How much of what we do everyday is private, really?

Some rights reserved by Mabacam

In the middle of November 2013 (November 16th to be exact), the hashtag, #rooftopbreakup was trending on Twitter. Kyle Ayers (@kyleayers), a comedian was live tweeting a breakup he claimed he was overhearing on his rooftop (his blog post is here). So the whole thing was made up, (CNN interviewed him), but who’s to say someone won’t live tweet random conversations? How is something like Overheard in New York any different (as entertaining as it may be)? Now that everyone’s so well connected, private moments might not be anymore. Not to make anyone paranoid, but really makes you think about what we do anywhere…


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