Sidenote: Let’s Mess Around

Doing these blog posts that are up for public searches and views made me think about something I often struggle with: Copyright.

I wanted to just use and upload images that I find on Google Image, but I started thinking about how do I cite my resources? How do I show where I got the image from? Do I do things in APA format like I did with my papers in college?

Then, I remembered, Creative Commons.


I’m not an expert on this idea, nor do I fully understand it. But, what I remember or know from the past is that there are different levels of digital copyrights that they work with. So, i started using the Creative Commons Search for Google Images (link here) so that the images I use on this blog are marked for reuse/remix.

If you are interested in an infographic on how it works (and don’t mind scrolling) take a look below. AND, I found this on eduClipper!

Creative Commons Photos

How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos by Foter


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