Sidenote: Intentions on the Internet

Reading and posting about communities and PLNs and such, I wanted to post a little something about things that I want to get popular (just trying to push what I want to see used more often)

1. Twitter.

twitter-logoTo be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Twitter. To me, it was where people life casted within 140 characters and where celebrities got into trouble.  I attended many workshops that told me about the wonderful power of Twitter and how you can harness it to use as a PLN. I wasn’t having any of it.  It wasn’t until I was forced to sign up for a Twitter account, hosted by Gina Marcel the Primary Technology Integrator at The School at Columbia University. Then, after talking to the Middle School Tech Integrator, Karen Blumberg, gave me suggestions on who I can follow, did I really begin to see how useful of a tool this is.  I can now use Twitter to ask for help (just like in Reach by Jeff Utecht – it’s not fiction, people!) for whatever resources that I may be looking for. So yes, it really does help. Another way to make your PLN grow is to follow one person that you find interesting, and look at who they follow so that you can follow them too! It worked for me.

2. Pintr… Educlipper


So this is what I really wanted to write about. Not Pinterest, but Educlipper. In a nutshell, it’s Pintrest with a specific focus on education topics. Yes, you can do the same thing with Pintrest boards and stuff, but it’s used solely for education AND you can now share eduClipper boards on Edmodo! Think about how you can share research materials with your students! Also, the founder, Adam Bellow (also the founder of eduTecher) is quite brilliant.  The eduClipper community can definitely use more unique users who are clipping more diverse things. Try it out! Take a gander!


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